Stop tap Keys Available

A Standard tap key: AQ 3-1 This key is designed for use with 1/2", 3/4" & 1" single vane stop taps. B Multipurpose: AQ 3-3 This key does the same as the standard tap key, but is also designed to work with most round tap heads. C Crutchless (self grip): AQ 3-2 This key has a friction based self gripping mechanism and is suitable for most crutchlessstop tap applications. D Crutchless (spring grip): AQ 3-4 This key has a spring loaded self grip jaw, and is reversible for clock and anti-clock torque. This key is suited to most crutchless stop tap applications. Aqua-Check tools are suitable for most tap maintenance applications. All these tools are manufactured with a 4 foot reach but this can be varied according to customer requirements

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