Aqua-check now manufacture a wide range of castings and machined products in Iron, brass and aluminum for use throughout the water industry. These include Hydrant Blanking Caps, Screw Caps, Shut off Caps and a complete range of cast aluminum accessories for the standpipe. STANDPIPE EXTENSION Where the ground level has been raised and access with regular equipment is prevented, a Standpipe Hydrant extension allows connection between a regular standpipe and the underground hydrant. Fitted with 2 1/2” Round Thread female Base (to fit directly onto the hydrant outlet) x 2 1/2” RT Male top (onto which the standpipe is connected) As the depths of chambers may vary, the length of the extension can be manufactured in a variety of lengths to suit. Extensions incorporating a 2” Brass Non-Return Valve are available on request. Alternative Hydrant Base connections available to special order. Aluminum is cast to LM4, LM6 and LM25 heat treated to TF conditions.  Note These Extension Tubes are not suitable for pressure testing applications or permanant installation.

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