Aluminum standpipe. Aluminum standpipe with check valve. Aluminum key & anodized torque bar.


Aluminium Standpipe

Aqua-Check have extended their product range to include Aluminum Standpipes & Valve Keys. Aqua-Check standpipes are single or double outlet and can be fitted with an aluminum 'Double Check Valve' where the application demands, this valve is designed for optimum throughput with virtually no resistance. The new range of standpipes are individually manufactured to cater for specific customer requirements and needs.

The Aluminum Valve Key has extremely high strength tolerances, extensive load tests reveal its ability to withstand up to 1875 Newton's / Metre (130 tons/inch).

21/2" Double Check Valve alloy Standpipe complete. To comply with BS336 or equivalent.
Double Check Valve to comply with BS6282-5 or equivalent.
All components are cast in materials acceptable to the Water Industry and cast in grades LM6/LM4.
Tube material is to BS1474 6082 T6. The outside diameter shall be 21/2" with a wall thickness of 1/8"
Standpipe base to be standard London Round Thread connections. Base washers to be manufactured from a WRAS approved EPDM or Nitrile material. Outlet to be standard 2 1/2" instantaneous coupling with 360° swivel head.

Avoids back siphonage and contamination of mains water supply with approved brass or alloy check valves to BS 6282, Inlet 21/2 inch hydrant round thread (HRT) BS 750 and outlet 2 1/2 inch female instantaneous coupling to BS 336.

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