1 inch Contractors Standpipe 1 Metre long heavy gauge galvanized tube and handle complete with cast 2 ½” Hydrant round thread (HRT) base, 1” Double Check Valve to BS6282 WRAS APPROVED and single 3/4 inch brass hose union Bibtap outlet to BS1010. With the option of a built in water meter All materials comply with water by-laws Finish Blue epoxy coating Standpipes, keys and bars are used to obtain water from a pressurised mains supply via underground hydrants. The standard outlet for underground valves according to BS 750 is 2 1/2" BSRT male. Standpipes have as standard a 2 1/2" BSRT female inlet, which is compatible with our underground hydrants. Standpipes are supplied either with single or double head outlets. Outlets are 2" female instantaneous with single twist release (BS 336). The double-head type is supplied with one blank plug as standard. Contractors' standpipes are supplied with a brass double check valve as standard STANDPIPE SUITABLE FOR USE WITH WATER AUTHORITIES

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